Thomas J. Goreau, Ph.D.
    Dr. Thomas Goreau, is President of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, protection, and sustainable management of coral reefs, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 

    Thomas Goreau completed his Ph.D., Biogeochemistry in 1981 at Harvard University, Master of Science, Planetary Astronomy in 1972, at California Institute of Technology, and Bachelor of Science, Planetary Physics, in 1970, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    While teaching at universities in the United States and Brazil, he worked on the effects of Amazon deforestation on the chemistry of the earths atmosphere, and was Senior Scientific Affairs Officer at the United Nations Centre for Science and Technology Development. He led efforts to protect coral reefs at the negotiations for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Conference on the Development of Small Island Developing States, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development. 

    Dr. Goreau is a dedicated activist on environmental and global ecology issues. His research continues to focus on the effects of global warming and pollution on coral reefs, as well as application of Biorock Technologies in the interest of coral preservation and coral reef restoration. 

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